Thursday, September 12, 2013

{Remaining} 2013 Presidency Planner

Over the last little bit I've been getting emails asking if I had a 2013 Planner like the one for 2014, and I had enough requests for it that I made one up :) It has all the features of 2014 except for the remainder of this year (October-December). I didn't do a black and white so there's just color available but I did do 3 covers for it :)

If you purchased the 2014 Planner (either version) and would like this too, please message me through your 2014 Planner Order and you'll receive a coupon code to purchase this one. (Your Account--->Purchases-----> Contact the Shop (across from the item)

$2.00 on Etsy 
(links are below by each cover)

Please take a minute to share a comment, I love reading them! They keep making me want to give FREEBIES! It's always wonderful to know that what you are putting up and writing about is worthwhile and people enjoy them. Questions? Trouble downloading(please check FAQs first) Email me at
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