Monday, September 16, 2013

2014 Primary CD Label and Envelope

Please note that the cd labels are all different templates (referenced to last year), if these do not match your labels, please contact me ( You don't have to go buy new label, we'll get you the right template for these.

For those of you interested in jewel case inserts, these are going to be a custom order. You will be able to give me a list of your songs and I will also include your ward name along the top. I will get these to you in a matter of hours. $1.50 USA, please contact me ( with your information and I'll send you a payment link.
I am also willing to sell and ship pre-made jewel cases with your inserts and cover. So all you'll have to do is slip the cd in and you're done. 
For 1-50 each it will be .50 each. 
For 51-100 or more each will be .38 each.
Shipping will be determined by the amount, please contact me for Shipping with your numbers.
Preview of insert below.

DOWNLOAD CD LABEL (for Avery 5931 or 6692)
Avery 5931 label fixed 12/19/13 (for real! I went out and bought labels to make sure of this. It lines up perfectly :)
DOWNLOAD CD LABEL (for Avery 28669)
(see below for reference- I'm not sure what the template number is)

(see below for reference- I'm not sure what the template number is)

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