Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Sharing Time WK 2

Before I begin, I would like to just say how amazing this talk is, it is a must read before this lesson is prepared. For me, it will be printed out and studied. Such an amazing talk to read and study for this week's theme.

Okay so I have to admit that I was interested in seeing what a "mole cricket" looked like so I looked it up... holy moly cow, it's insane! Here's a Youtube video for those that are interested too :)
Okay so enough of the insect lesson and onto Sharing Time.

Put the quote from Elder Hales up on the board. You or one of the older kids read it out loud. Ask "What things can we do in our families that can invite the Spirit into our homes?" 

Why do you think that it's important to have the Spirit in our homes?

As we strive to obey the prophets and do activities together, pray together as a family, and study the scriptures together we invite the Spirit into our homes to be our constant companion who will help us as a family and individuals closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and by doing that we are making our families stronger to the pressures and trials that come to each of us.

Set this up either on the board, on a table or you could even play a card game (Go Fish or something) with them. Print off 2-4 pages of each so there's plenty for kids to pick. As they pick on the chalkboard write how doing them can bless us and our families. (multiple reasons)

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