Sunday, May 19, 2013

May Sharing Time WK 4

Okay so I"ve had this game for this week in the making for awhile and I'm so excited to share!! Feel free to play however you'd like, but my thinking is print out enough for 4 of each cutout (or however many you'd need to let each child have one.  Now what you're going to do is pass out the circles (or make it more fun and tape them to the bottom of the chairs beforehand), keeping a set for yourself. As you call them out the kids are going to "match" to each other (by finding all their matches) and then matching it to yours. After you have all of them up. You let those 4-5 kids decide where it needs to go. If they disagree (which there are some that might) discuss it. I've found the most spiritual lessons are the ones that the kids teach each other. I wanted to put a third place because some things are okay to eat but we have to have "just a little bit".


1 place for the stuff that we can eat occasionally


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