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Friday, May 31, 2013

June Sharing Time WK 1

I've been thinking about this lesson for a while now and I can't get this idea out of my mind so this is what we're going with. I've been typing this up and it's now just flowing, I feel like this will be a spiritual and amazing lesson. If you use it or modify it, would you come back and share how it went? I'd love to know!

*PLEASE NOTE: I'm running more with Senior Primary for this part of the lesson, please see below for Junior Primary.


Materials you'll need: (you may not have all the materials but ask around- beauty of Facebook!)
-Stencil of something (star, heart, etc)for each child. I've seen making a stencil out of paper plates, but depending on the size of your Primary you might not be able to do that, or just enlist some helpers (Presidency, kids, husbands hehe) Make it a decent sized star (you'll need it at the end)
-Pencil or pen for each child
-2-3 of the same colors for each child or assign each class 2-3 colors (Valiant 8: blue,purple and red- give each child a blue and red crayon)
-Piece of paper for each child
-Stickers or something to reward the children (it's Fast Sunday!)
-Picture of Jesus being baptized (GAK 208, Primary 3-1)


Put picture up on the board at the beginning. Put all the materials on each of the chairs beforehand (petpeeve of mine to waste time passing stuff out in the middle of Sharing Time) or give them to the teacher.
On the board right down instructions on the chalkboard
1) Get all your things from under (from teacher- wherever you're going to have everything) your chair
2) High Five your neighbor (something fun/silly)
3) Trace your star (heart, circle) onto your paper
4) Color your star with the 2 colors in stripes with blue ( whatever color) at the top then red (whatever color)
5) Stick your tongue out at Sister (you)
6) Draw a star (heart, circle) in the middle of your star with a pencil

As they finish, reward the ones who've followed each instruction step by step (each one including the "silly" ones) with a sticker.

Ask the kids who got the sticker why they think they got it..... (someone should say "because we followed directions)
Were all the directions easy? Or hard to do because you thought they were silly or people would make fun of you for?  (VERY IMPORTANT to ask that question)

What is something we need to return Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has given an example of? (After answers, share this scripture: 2 Nephi 31:5) Be Baptized

What do we promise at baptism? What gift are we given afterwards? Why is having the gift of the Holy Ghost so important?
Read this quote by Elder Hales or summarize it how you wish.

"Each week in sacrament meeting we promise to remember the atoning sacrifice of our Savior as we renew our baptismal covenant. We promise to do as the Savior did—to be obedient to the Father and always keep His commandments. The blessing we receive in return is to always have His Spirit to be with us.
The gift of the Holy Ghost, given to us when we are confirmed, gives us the ability to discern the difference between the giving ways of the kingdom of God and the taking practices of the world. The Holy Ghost gives us the strength and courage to conduct our lives in the ways of the kingdom of God and is the source of our testimony of the Father and the Son. As we obey the will of our Father in Heaven, this priceless gift of the Holy Ghost will be with us continually.We need the Holy Ghost as our constant companion to help us make better choices in the decisions that confront us daily'." Elder Robert D. Hales
Are some of the commandments hard to obey all the time? Are some hard because we could be made fun of? (maybe for not saying bad words, or for helping the new kid at school - give examples)
How are we rewarded for obeying Heavenly Father's commandments?
What is a covenant? (A promise we make with Heavenly Father), What do we covenant with our Heavenly Father to do at baptism?
Put up the printouts one at a time discussing each.


PDF and Word coming soon!






Show the picture of Jesus being baptized. What's happening in the picture? 
Jesus was baptized by a member holding the Priesthood, named John the Baptist. He was baptized in the River Jordan. We are baptized the same way Jesus was. We plug our nose up with our hand and a member of the Priesthood dips us in the water, our whole bodies. We then receive a very special gift from our Heavenly Father. What gift are we given? The Holy Ghost.
We make a promise with our Heavenly Father that we will obey his commandments. What are some of the commandments?
If we obey the commandments, we will be blessed and Heavenly Father promises to forgive us when we make a mistake, He also promises that we can live with Him forever if we obey the commandments, another promise is that we can always have the Holy Ghost with us to make good decisions.

Amazing talk by Elder Robert D. Hales - Recommend to read before this lesson!!

Please take a minute to share a comment, I love reading them! They keep making me want to give FREEBIES! It's always wonderful to know that what you are putting up and writing about is worthwhile and people enjoy them. Questions? Trouble downloading(please check FAQs first) Email me at

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I will be presenting this to both junior and senior primary tomorrow (Australia!) Will let you know how it goes :)

  2. I love this idea, and that you so much for sharing it! I was thinking of modifying it a little, and instead of having the kids trace shapes, have them trace or just color footprints. They could each of their footprints on the board and tie it back to following in Christ's footprints by being baptized.

  3. This was so helpful! Thank you so much! I love the idea of having the children go through steps so they understand the importance of following the other important steps like baptism. So good. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for sharing. I will be using the idea you gave for Junior Primary. Most of our Jr. Primary are 5 and under, so your idea will really help simplify things for them to understand the gospel principle. Thanks!

  5. I just could not figure out what to do for this sharing time and this is perfect!! We have a small primary here in Southern Oregon so we have them joined so I'll incorporate some of the junior primary stuff in with the senior. Thank you for the handouts and everything!!!!

  6. Great ideas, I often look at your blog and will be using this plan for our Sharing Time this week. (England)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing! Using this tomorrow:)
    p.s.You say you will need the star or stencil at the end...I'm not sure where you use it again...

  8. Thanks so much for your lovely printouts. Will be using them tomorrow in the UK. Thanks

  9. Thank you so much for all your time and ideas that are shared! I love the idea... ~Cindy~

  10. This is wonderful. I will be using it also (Canada). We have a smaller primary also and I am adding pictures while we discuss baptism and I am adding a wrapped gift when we discuss the blessing of the Holy Ghost so I can keep the little children engaged at the same time. I love the idea above of the footprints instead of a stencil... I already cut out 29 stencils of butterflies. Thank you for the ideas.

  11. Thank You so much for the wonderful printouts and sharing time idea, I am so grateful for all of your help.

  12. This is awesome! I'll be using them tomorrow (Hawaii)