Saturday, March 16, 2013

Primary 5, Lesson 10 &11

Thank you all so much for your comments and emails concerning my health and my sweet little family. We are doing well and have survived midterms and spring break. Right along with illnesses and the getting ready for planting and spring, Yippeee! Can you believe it! I was so excited when I saw little blades of grass popping up and the little tulips making head way.

I have to say that I just love this age, they are so enthusiastic to learn about the Gospel, throw a game in there and you'l have 13 kids scrambling to come up and play a "preschooler" game

I"ve combined this week and last week. Here's Lesson 10 journal.

(We played "Don't Break the Ice) Sorry I don't have the questions I used, my 2 year old decided that it woudl be super fun to push my computer off my bed while I was working on them (didn't save) so now I have a dead laptop. Yippee for 2 year olds!

2/16/17: Dropbox has changed the way that we can share files, therefore, all the links from these Primary 5 lessons currently do not work. I am in the process of fixing them. 

Lesson 11

I haven't decided what game to bring but I think Trouble will be it so I can break the kids up into smaller groups. (whatever the bubble says go add 2-4 spaces so you can get more of the game done) I'll be using the chalkboard to go through the accounts/scriptures and what not so that we've gone over everything. This has helped the kids a lot with really applying what they know. I've asked some stuff for a challenge from the previous week or just random questions about the Book of Mormon and they get it right. It just touches my heart to have "my kids" know what they are really learning.

The library is an amazing resource, I'll be asking our librarian to snag to copies of the pictures indicated and have a "race" to see which "team" can think of what's next.


There are 7 questions a little less than normal but I want to leave time for the Enrichment 3 activity.

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