Saturday, February 23, 2013

Primary 5, Lesson 8 & Journal

I'm pulling out the bowling pins again for this lesson, I've included all the questions on each of the pins.
The kids will be bowling one at a time, then they choose a question from the pins that they knocked down. There are a few extras so for the first few I'll have the kids who picked tape the next question onto it so it won't disrupt the class with me having to do them. I'm first going to be going through the "Scriptural and Historical Accounts" and then play the game so that all the "answers" have already been given they just had to have listened.
On the board, I'll also have this question from the lesson by the 2 pictures suggested in the lesson. "What are some important things priesthood holders do with their hands when they are using their priesthood power?" so that they can think about it and we can then discuss it.

2/16/17: Dropbox has changed the way that we can share files, therefore, all the links from these Primary 5 lessons currently do not work. I am in the process of fixing them. 

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