Thursday, February 21, 2013

February WK 4 Sharing Time

So for this week, materials you'll need are:

2 small puzzles -12-35 pieces - the dollar store is a great place to look. If you don't want to do 2 puzzles you could do one large puzzle especially if you have a large Primary and have the outer edge already made and glued to a posterboard.
Exacto Knife

Make the puzzles once you're done you'll be cutting and gluing the printout to the back with the text facing you. You could also easily modge podge it to the puzzle for lasting durability. If you don't want to spend the extra money you can make your own modge podge. Let that dry over night, once you have it dried, using the exacto knife (or similar) and cut off the pieces.

You could also make a puzzle backwards, with a few pieces pieces and then explaining a little bit more. So glue the printout onto a paper/posterboard (if you need a bigger size let me then hang the puzzle up. You could do a google search for a paper puzzle instead of an actual puzzle for this one. Then as the kids take the puzzle pieces down they'll be uncovering the printout.

Now on Sunday, you'll be leaving a few pieces out of each puzzle, this part is important to the lesson. You'll separate the kids however you wish, soon enough the kids will figure out that there's a few pieces missing. You will begin talking about how we have to keep all the commandments to return to live with Heavenly Father, we can't have a few pieces missing. All the commandments have to be obeyed. Without them all we won't have the full picture.
We must always strive to live by the Lord's commandments, sometimes commandments can be hard to obey, how can we receive help in obeying the commandments (the Holy Ghost)? How do you feel when you have obeyed the commandments?

(You could also make up scenarios and go from there) If you're doing the paper puzzle you could also write up scenarios on the pieces and as the kids pick them you can go over that scenario.

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