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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Primary CDs: Jewel Case

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This was a request from several people and hope you can still use these. These fit standard jewel cases. If you need a specific measurement please email me (do not comment with measurements) and I'll see if I can get it for you.



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  1. Thank you for this! This cover is so cute! And thanks for making editable lists for the inside. I just made CD's for all my Primary kids in our ward in Lagos, Nigeria and I include more songs that I want them to hear and remember. They will be so excited to get them. I just returned to Nigeria (where we've lived for almost 7 years) from our holiday trip home to the States and I'm doing some catch-up on getting organized for the year. I'm Primary President and on Sundays like today I do it all. My one counselor and teacher weren't there. We have just usually around 9 children that come regularly, so it's manageable. But I was jet lagged to begin with and really tired after teaching the lesson and doing sharing and singing time. So I really appreciate all the work that people like you do that help make my calling easier in other ways. Although the expat children in our ward have other resources for church learning at home (like the internet), the Nigerian children don't, and I know they appreciate and use the CDs I make for them. I visit the home of one of our Primary children regularly (one room where the family of 5 lives), as his mother is functionally illiterate and I'm giving her literacy lessons using the wonderful church course. Anyway, often when I come quiet little Jesse is sitting on the bed with the Primary CD playing and he is just listening and mouthing the words. He is so quiet and still in Primary, but he takes it all in. And for our program this year, this usually silent 5-year old child with a mother who can't read much at all, was the one who learned his part the best and spoke up with confidence. The Saints here humble me! Anyway, I thought you might want to know a bit more about who was going to be seeing and appreciating your work. Thanks so much!