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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Primary 5, Lesson 4 Journal


Please take a minute to share a comment, I love reading them! They keep making me want to give FREEBIES! It's always wonderful to know that what you are putting up and writing about is worthwhile and people enjoy them. Questions? Trouble downloading(please check FAQs first) Email me at

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  1. Super cute. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Thank you for sharing! This looks great, and is JUST what I was looking for.

  3. Thank you for making these great journaling pages. I've created a journal for each of my kids and we add your new page to it each week. It's my hope that by the end of the year when I give it to them to keep, that they'll be able to look back and see how their testimony has grown throughout the year about the restoration of the church. Thank you for making my calling easier!

  4. Thank you so much this is wonderful!

  5. your talent and hard work is greatly needed and appreciated, thankyou