Monday, November 12, 2012

Primary 2013: Bulletin Board Poster

Come join in on the fun at the After General Conference Soiree, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is up!

I have been asked by lots of people to get some bulletin board ideas up, so this week I'll try and get all my ideas up :)

 (I know that requests were for a 20x30, however; I would have to redo the whole thing to get it to that size)

For those that might be interested, I had a request for the kids being 24 inches tall from the waist as a bottom border of the bulletin board. It's 24inches tall by 72 inches wide. If you would like it, please visit the Primary 2013 tab

If you would like any custom work with these cute kids please also contact me.

 Please take a minute to share a comment, I love reading them! They keep making me want to give FREEBIES! It's always wonderful to know that what you are putting up and writing about is worthwhile and people enjoy them. Questions? Trouble downloading? Email me at
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