Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November Sharing WK 4

I received an ever so gentle reminder that I had yet to post the WK 4 Sharing Time, OOPS, I had thought that I had already done it, but alas I had not. I hope you can still use these ideas :)

Before you play the game, there's spaces that you can fill more ideas with how we can be missionaries now and how we can prepare to serve a mission from the kids. Asking them how they can get ready to be a missionary.
Ask some of these questions so that when the kids are asked they can have ideas if their tongues are tied....

Who is God?
Who is Jesus Christ?
Why do you go to church?
What is a prophet?
What is the Book of Mormon?
What happens to us after we die?
What is the sacrament?
Do I need to be baptized?
How can families be together forever?

The Friend has a really good game to play this week.
You can download it HERE.

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