Saturday, November 24, 2012

December Sharing Time WK 2

This picture can be found in Primary 2, picture 10 (2-10) or you can download it HERE.

I love how this picture can put the real thing into something tangible to the kids that Jesus was more like them then they may think.

With this picture you can play a "matching game" by printing out 2. In one you could cut out the items that the questions below are highlighting and as you explain what it may have been used for you could have a child "I Spy" to the one up on the board (not cut).

In the lesson that corresponds with the picture. It suggests asking questions about what they see in the picture.

  • Where do you think the family slept? (Point out the mat the woman is putting away and the closet behind her that seems to hold other rolled mats. Explain that the roofs of the houses were flat, and steps on the outside of each house led up to the roof. Perhaps the children sometimes slept on the roof.)
  • Where did the baby in this home sleep? (Point out the cradle. Explain that Joseph was a carpenter and might have made a cradle like this one for the baby Jesus.)
  • What do you think the big jars were used for? (Some held water. All the water the family used was carried from the well in the village because there was no running water in the homes. A well is a deep hole in the ground with clean water in it.)
  • What is the woman who is sitting on the floor doing? (Grinding grain to make into bread.)
  • Since there was no electricity, how could they light this home? (They used oil lamps. Point out the lamp on the stool behind the woman grinding grain. Perhaps some of the jars held oil for the lamps.)

I love this picture of the boy Jesus teaching in the temple. You can download it HERE.

As you show this picture, you can point out that Jesus was teaching men who were much older than He was. Jesus knew that He was to do Heavenly Father's work at a very young age.

This picture is in Primary 2. (2-11) or you can download it HERE

During His childhood, Jesus was taught the scriptures, just like we are in our homes. He may have helped Joseph with his carpentry. He may have eaten foods that you eat too. Maybe not pizza or chicken nuggets but bread, fish, lamb (sheep), honey, grapes, figs(fruit), dates(fruit), and milk.

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