Saturday, November 17, 2012

2013 Primary Songbook

I was asked by Peggy to create a cover for her songs booklet for next year that she is having printed for her Primary and I asked if she'd be willing to share, and the sweetheart that she is, she said yes! The pdf has over 65 pages of songs!! Thanks so much Peggy for sharing!!

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The space above the children is there so you can add in your ward or anything and then fold in half (hotdog style) for a front and back cover.

From Peggy:  I made this songbook because I want the kids to get to know more than just the "regular" songs sang in primary. The first 8 songs are for the primary program. I included the A of F songs to help with the Faith in God requirement. The remaining songs I refer to as "Homework Songs". We will sing these songs the last Sunday of the month and if they donot need help, a surprise is waiting! :) I made a CD to go along with the songbook so they are able to sing/practice at anytime...this book follows the singing time schedule I have made for the entire year of 2013. I am so excited for the coming year!! Hope this is useful to others!

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