Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I am a Mormon: Tithing

I am creating this new series for my son, he's still too young to read but I figure with the activity and them all in a book he'll be in love with them.
I'll be adding more to each topic as I create them... You will be able to find all the topics on the left sidebar.
These will fit into the little photo books that you can find at Wal-mart and sometimes the dollar store.

For each the first page will be a description page with quotes and what not, the second page will be a "fun" page , anywhere from matching to coloring to fill in the blank. I hope you enjoy them!!

NOTE: 10/6/12: After this morning's Conference, I've decided to change the name from We Believe in... to I am a Mormon, I know it, I live it, I love it Series. I hope no one minds!
NOTE: 10/10/12 : If you have problems downloading these, please email me (latterdaychatter@yahoo.com). I have reuploaded links to each; however sometimes these aren't working. Thanks!


For the 2nd page game or activity, I'll be using magnet tape instead of velcro (so it doesn't make the 'rip' sound during sacrament) and I'll be putting them on each printout (the magnet does work through the plastic)

(there are 3 different pages included so you can change them)   for these you could make a pocket or just a baggie to put inside the sleeve, to hold all the loose pieces.


Just One Coin (great little dialogue between father and son of the importance of paying tithing even if it's small)

The Parable of the Skittles from Blue Skies Ahead

Bits of Everything

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