Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Noah: Carseat Info

Come join in on the fun at the After General Conference Soiree, starts Friday, October 12th!!

Last night my Relief Society had an Emergency Preparedness Night and we were talking about how if we were unconscious how to relay our information. That got me thinking about my boys... what about them? If we were in an accident or they were with someone else, how would emergency personnel know who they were, who they belonged to, etc. So I came up with this:

Name: I gave my boys' full names and their "nickname"
Date of Birth: Included the year and their age (who wants to do the math in an accident/disaster)
Address: Gave full address including zipcode
Phone: Cell phone/Home phone/Work phone numbers would all be important here.
Parents: To identify whose your kid and vice versa
Emergency Contact: Their full name and their relationship to the child and their phone number(s)
Pediatrician: Their name, preferred hospital, and phone number.
Allergies: Any known allergies
Medical Conditions: obvious I think

These really aren't all that fancy, but I believe very important. Little kids will be scaried out their minds talking to these people why not have their carseat talk for them.
I'll be putting these on both sides of each carseat. Printed on bright colored paper so as not to be missed
You can print these on sticker paper or simply print on regular paper and then using packaging tape to secure it to the carseat :)

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