Friday, October 19, 2012

AGCS Week 2: Elder L. Tom Perry

Another week has gone since we have heard our dear Prophet and Apostles teach us, guide us, and direct us. But no need to fret, we're hear to discuss, share our thoughts, and snag an amazing FHE. This week, one of my Chatter Birds, has taken the reins for this talk. Welcome Dede!

NOTE: These are Dede's own thoughts and are not to be construed as doctrine of the Church, if you would like to learn more about the Church, please go to, or email me ( and I'd be happy to answer questions!

I was really inspired by several point in Elder Perry's talk.  While I chose to focus on the "Family Culture" aspect for this FHE lesson, I also really loved his five points for parents to use in creating stronger family cultures.  First, I believe that his instruction to "pray in earnest that Heavenly Father will help you to love,understand, and guide the children He has sent you" is truly inspired.  Of course we love our children, indiscriminately and  irrevocably.  But, do we truly understand them?  When children go astray, or begin to wander off the straight and narrow path, parents can and do pray to know what to do or how to do it, but praying to understand why our kids are doing these things can and will lead to even greater love and make it that much easier to guide them. Second, we have all heard that it is important to have meals together.  This seems to be such a foreign concept in many homes, but it can make such a difference. I especially love Elder Perry's further instruction to use dinner time as a time of communication and teaching of family values.  My children seem to come alive at the dinner table.  Everyone is sitting, relaxed, hopefully enjoying their meal; it gives each member of the family a chance to express themselves to everyone all at once.  It's a natural teaching place, as everyone is facing each other, can see each other's faces. Feeding someone is an act of love, so it is only natural to spend time nourishing their brains and spirits at the same time! Third, Elder Perry encourages parents to communicate with your children's church teachers and leaders.  These leaders have been called of God and set apart specifically to teach your children.  That calling entitles them to revelation about what is best for their class, including your kid!  Isn't it amazing that our loving Heavenly Father has worked out this network of leaders so that no one is ever on their own? Visiting and Home Teachers, Auxiliary presidencies, Bishoprics, etc are all available and willing to help us as parents. Fourth, Elder Perry encourages us to share our testimonies often with our children.  I know that for many, the idea of getting up to bear your testimony in Sacrament meeting is daunting at best.  But our children need to hear us stand and say what we believe in.  This does not have to be in a formal setting, we can and should bear our testimonies at home during FHE, at family meetings, or whenever the spirit moves us. Teach your children to not be afraid to declare what they believe in. Finally, Elder Perry teaches us that families should be organized based on clear simple family rules and expectations.  Children can not behave in the manner that is expected of them, if they do not understand what that is.  Rules need to be clear and concise, with reasonable consequences. The fulfillment of responsibilities needs to result in reasonable rewards.These rewards need not always be monetary, however establishing an allowance and teaching children to budget, save, and pay tithing is an important factor in teaching family culture.  This was such an amazing talk!  
I hope that these thoughts along with the FHE lessonattached will help each of you to establish and build upon your family 
cultures.  - Chatter Bird Dede


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