Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Sharing Time WK 4: Respecting Others

Getting ready for General Conference? Come check out THIS linky party and ideas!

Download cards below and write one for each child (if you have a large Primary, recruit the teachers to help) complimenting them on what they do best or how you have seen them showing respect to someone else, whether it's mowing their neighbor's lawn, helping their mom in Sacrament Meeting, erasing the chalkboard after the lesson, etc. Ask them how they felt when reading their notes.... We should always strive to help others feel that same feeling, when we show respect to them we show them that we love them.
Hand out blank ones to each of the children, asking them how they can show respect to others. You can have them share in groups or select some to be shared out loud, time permitting.

From the Friend:
 Showing Respect (This is a choose which one is showing respect, excellent visuals and would be a fun game if there's extra time, for those kids that may be more visual learners-maybe those boys in the back would be willing to help :)

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