Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Primary 4, Lesson 34

So this week, I was planning on teaching this lesson; however our Primary Presidency had other plans. Instead of classes they had all the kids rehearse the Primary Program.....
Sigh, so I actually won't be teaching this lesson until the 30th, because of the dedication of the Brigham City Temple.... but I thought I would share with you guys what I am planning on doing.

LDS.org Primary 4, Lesson 34: Christ Teaches the Nephites Beatitudes

I love playing games with the lessons, they're so fun to plan but also every week I bring a game, the class participates, I love getting those boys in the back excited about learning.... some may not think that it's reverent, but I feel that they learn more and find that the scriptures are indeed fun to learn about. You may be the judge.
For this lesson, we are going to play some bowling!
A few months ago, I bought this little bowling set at Wal-mart for about $6 and during the summer it got plenty of uses :) I used painter's tape to stick the paper to the pin because 1) it doesn't hurt anything, and 2) I need the papers in tact to be put on the board with a magnet.
NOTE: If you don't have these bowling pins, you could also make your own using empty 2 liter, 1 liter, 20 ou, or water bottles, you can make them as fancy as you would like.... Meet the Dubiens has a fun way using paint to decorate them.

I taped the printout with the scriptures to each of the pins (you'll need 8). On the board, I'll have magneted the other half of the scripture in no particular order. One of the kids come up and "bowl", they pick one of the pins that DID NOT go down, and then say it out loud, the class looks up the scripture and the first person who knows the answer raises their hand to put them together on the board... then I will reread the scripture and then we will discuss that "beattitude". If they knock down all the pins, they can pick any one they would like to.
The questions, I'll have magneted to the board, I like having a question or 2 to get the kids thinking and will go to those questions at the end and discuss at least one of them....

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