Monday, September 24, 2012

October Sharing Time Wk 4

 Come join in on the fun at the After General Conference Soiree, starts Friday, October 13th!!

Love this quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley!!
“I think that vicarious work for the dead more nearly approaches the vicarious sacrifice of the Savior Himself than any other work of which I know. It is given with love, without hope of compensation, or repayment or anything of the kind. What a glorious principle.”

"It matters tremendously what we do in relation to those who have gone before, because they live today as spirits and shall live again as immortal souls, and that because of Jesus Christ."  Elder D. Todd Christoffersen

Temple Scavenger Hunt
Make sure to have a treat or surprise in the wastebasket!
(includes 13 pages)

I've been getting a lot of questions about this and how to use this, so I've decided to add to the post.
The circles with each number: These are solely for your benefit.... to keep each bag in order since they'll be kept shut and you can just place them where they need to be.
The wordstrips: These are meant as reminders for the kids and maybe for a matching game with the items if you have time. You can use them or not.
The instructions (scriptures/quotes): They are in no particular order, you can do them as they are or how the Spirit moves you to teach to your children. You can use these as you want to and in any order. Maybe Senior Primary would understand "instructions" but the Junior Primary may not. You could do Peace first, Eternal Covenants etc.
Instead of having these in/on the bag you could also keep the cards for Senior Primary to make it harder for them and have the match the item and the scripture/quote with the wordstrip
The Wastebasket: This is where you would end, with a treat or the handout and a treat inside of a box to be handed to each child.

Extra from the New Era:
Why Do We Baptize for the Dead?

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