Sunday, September 16, 2012

LDS Piquing My Pinterest #9

Getting ready for General Conference? Come check out THIS linky party and ideas!


This week's Pinterest finds are all from some my Chatter Birds!!! They each picked 3 FHE ideas and have shared them!! Thanks ladies!!!

Chatter Birds

From Amy:

I should respect and worship God
Pergler's Primary Place

A Year of FHE

Why We are Baptized
Green Jello with Carrots

From Aubrie:

Conference Pumpkin
Prepared Not Scared

Angry Birds -Anger Management
(A would definitely love this all thing Angry Birds, I don't really know why he loves them but he does and has the highest score on that game)
The Home Teacher

Tangled FHE
Blue Skies Ahead

From Becky:

FHE in a Jar
Food Storage and Beyond

Alma Counsels His Sons
Teach LDS Children

4th of July
(It's never to early to plan ahead right?)
Blue Skies Ahead

From Dede:

She also picked the Tangled FHE, under Aubrie's.

Teach LDS Children

From Delina:

A Year of FHE

A Year of FHE

Dew This

From Jennifer:

A Year of FHE

She also picked the Popcorn one under Dede's and the Tangled one under Aubrie's

From Nicole:
Blue Skies Ahead

An Index of FHE Lessons
Family Home Evenings... To Go

Blue Skies Ahead

From Rebecca:

10 FHE Resource Sites
Live, Craft, Eat

How to assemble FHE Kits
Live, Craft, Eat

From Ruth:
I Heart Primary Music

30+ ideas for Young Couples!
Prepared LDS Family

Ideas for Families
Family Night Fun

Some great ideas don't you think?And lots of them! Enjoy and thanks again ladies for all your help!

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