Monday, September 3, 2012

In the Car and on the Go Kit

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My boys and I aren't always on the go, but I like having stuff all organized in the car, for the oh no!! And it's nice not having to carry a backpack out of the house, I just use the bag I leave in the car for when we go into places :)
Here's what we have, please feel free to comment and I'll be sure to add your ideas to the list.

Most everything I either had already or I bought at Smith's (gotta love the gas points)

For each of the boys' stuff I have bins I got at Smith's for $1. I put them under their seats on the floor.
In A's (4), change of clothes-including underwear, jacket,  pull-up, flushable wipes, a  recent picture, an etch-a sketch, a coloring book and markers NOTE: crayons melt, Thomas stickers, a couple small CAT machines, a couple books,  a straw cup, his inhaler, and immunization card copy. I also made a sticker that has his name,  birthdate, and pediatrician's number and heaven forbid something happens to me, 2 emergency contacts (my father-in-law and aunt), and stuck it right on the box. As you can see from the picture, there's still plenty of room for all his other treasures.

In H's (1), change of clothes, jacket, diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, a recent picture, 3 of THESE cubes,  a teether, a couple non-small part cars (Walmart in baby toys), a bottle/sippy, a couple board books and a copy of immunizations. I also made a sticker for H with his name, birthdate and pediatrician's number and again 2 emergency contacts (my father-in-law and aunt). His umbrella stroller is also in the trunk.

Also in their boxes are swim trunks/suits/googles for summer - change out with extra hat and gloves for winter

 NO PICTURES OF H's , BUT I HOPE YOU GET THE IDEA WITH A'S BOX... and just to tide you over, here's H!! Please excuse my living room, we live here :)

With the exception of the snacks and a couple water bottles and some juice packets. Most everything is in the trunk. The snacks are in a small box (Dollar Tree) in baggies or it's package behind the middle console.

I made labels (just using a label maker) that has whatever is in that box. You could use foam stickies, write on a piece of paper and tape it, write right on the box.
 I've seen people do everything loose in like a shoe organizer or whatnot and more accessible, but that just scares me, for an accident, everything would literally be flying everywhere. And I'm not okay with that.

These are all in a little clip box from Walmart under the front passenger seat:
First aid kit- bandaids, neosporin, antibacterial wipes or foam, tweezers (for those splinters), clippers, allergy  and medications (epi-pen, extra inhaler, etc), Pepto bismol, Dramamine (car sickness)- usually found in the "travel sizes" or with pharmacy- mine is 4 tablets for about $1.99, for my hubby I also have a diabetic kit it's a pen with insulin in it and some test strips.
From Lily: Bug Spray
Sting/bite relief
Floss picks
Mouth wash
Gum/Candy (we always have non-chocolate in the car for my hubby just in case he gets too low in his sugar level)
Post-its or notecards and a pen/pencil
Feminine products
Hair Accessories
Tylenol/Children's Tylenol and syringe

These are in a stackable container in the trunk:
Clorox wipes
Antibacterial wipes (Wet Ones)
Paper towels
Plastic bags- ziploc and grocery (for car sickness or garbage) I've had one instance after coming out of a canyon that my oldest lost all of his breakfast and we had nothing to give to him.... needless to say we now have plastic bags
Extra feminine products
Extra Kleenex
Disposable Diaper bags
Hot Hands hand warmers (they last up to 18 hours) just in case we're ever stuck!
Small blanket or towel for those accidents on the seats
Extra wipes and diaper/pullup

These again are in a small box behind the middle console in baggies or their own packaging:
Plastic cups or "snack bowls"
Goldfish, granola bars, Teddy Grahams, Craisins, dried fruit chips (anything that won't melt or mush together) NOTE: fruit snacks melt when it's hot, into one giant fruit thing)
Water Bottles (hard plastic) and an extra sippy and bottle.
There's also a couple store bought water bottles and juice mixes in there.
Just because your wondering, there is chocolate milk in the water bottle from today's excursions....

Water This is just a gallon jug that we keep in the trunk. We also have a 6 pack of water bottles 
just in case.

And here's a picture of the boxes I've shown...

In another small box we also have stuff for the car...
- 3 quarts of oil
- jack
- a tool kit ($30ish at Walmart)
- jumper cables
- fix a flat
- shop towels
- flashlight
- glowsticks
- road flares
- pocketknife
- bungie cords
- whistle
- small backpack (just in case we have to leave the car in an emergency)
- in the winter, we have an ice scraper and also a bag of kitty litter for traction (just in case)
- from Ramona: 100 hour candle/matches/lighter/votives and holders (excellent for keeping warm instead of wasting gas :) NOTE:   Roll down a window a few inches for ventilation!


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