Monday, September 17, 2012

FHE: Temples

Getting ready for General Conference? Come check out THIS linky party and ideas!

This coming Sunday, the long awaited completion and dedication of the Brigham City Utah Temple will come to fruition! Our Ogden temple is currently under renovation and so we have had to travel to Bountiful or to Logan to go to the temple, but this will be much closer for us... so in preparation of it, we had an FHE all about temples.

We based the lesson off of THIS talk from the Friend (don't you just love the Friend, so many valuable lessons)

For our activity with the lesson, I made up a puzzle for A, he LOVES puzzles! I printed them out, glued them together,  contact papered them and then cut them for future use in our Sunday Box.

(includes both pages)

For our activity, I made up some lacing cards, I printed a few of THESE silhouette temples, changed the color in Photoshop, contact papered them, then hole punch around the edges. Take yarn, tie the end to one of the holes and there you have it. These will also be making their way to our Sunday box.

The second activity, I thought we could do was temple painting. I printed out one of the silhouettes on an 8.5x11 page, then I cut that out, penciled it onto a piece of cardboard from a diaper box, then using butcher paper we would go to town using paints.
But alas, it was getting close to bedtime, getting darker, and the boys were at each other and SO ready for bed... so we'll have to save the painting for another day.
NOTE: I was going to do yogurt finger painting because I'm not comfortable using regular paints with H.
All I do is add different colors of food coloring to plain yogurt (we buy a big container of it, we use it ALL the time)... safe to eat and fun :) Bonus for a happy mommy!
Here's a pretty good ratio for food coloring to yogurt from Blissfully Domestic... 

Other talks or stories about temples from the Friend:
A Banner of Faithfulness

What did you do for FHE? Did you write a post about it? Feel free to link it up!

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