Thursday, September 20, 2012

11 Primary Teacher Bag Must-Haves

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What do you have in your Primary bag?
Here's what's in mine...

-Magnets- I have both the circle magnets but I also have a magnet strip that you can take of the backing and stick it onto something, I usually use this if the kids want it as a magnet or I run out of the circle magnets for the board.

-Chalk and Eraser- I have the colored kind, the kids love them. For time fillers, which is rare, they enjoy playing Hangman on the board, my rule is they have to pick a word from the scriptures that we read.

-Gospel Art Book- whenever I can't find a picture that I want to use in the manual's pictures, typically the book has what I'm looking for.

- Scissors- I've come to learn that sometimes you need more handouts then you think... I typically print out 2 or 3 more handouts then I need and just stick them into my binder for the just in case, and I can cut them out if needed. If I don't need them they go into a file at home.

-Tape and Gluestick- I enjoy puzzles with a hidden message on the back, put the puzzles together flip it over and there's a song or a quote on the back... love... Or when we did the Armor of God, the kids each were able to tape or glue their armor onto their guys.

-Playdough- just little containers of it (party pack)... if I forget a game or other object(s) for the lesson, I have playdough and we play a "Cranium" type game where the kids can either draw with chalk or sculpt with the dough. Very fun and the kids love it. I also have let the kids use a small playdough to create a figure resembling the hero in the scriptures and let them keep it. Just a couple weeks ago, one of the girls in my class was telling me about her King Benjamin figure how she has it on her dresser. Awe, touched heart :)

-Sketch Book- this just blank paper bound in a book so they don't go all over the place, it fun seeing the pictures that the kids draw and color after watching a scripture video or read a scripture story.

-Markers/ Colored Pencils/Crayons/ Pencils- for the drawing/coloring I keep a stash of markers and twistable crayons when we pull out coloring pages or blank pages from the sketch book.

Time Fillers- These I have but I rarely need them, we usually go right to the bell I do however keep my Articles of Faith Cards and Faith in God for boys and girls as well as a Children's Songbook. If the kids want they can work on a project their working on or they can study the Articles of Faith, or they can draw and color pictures for the songs. I also have a bean bag to play "hot potato" with the song for the Books of the Book of Mormon. These are needed rarely, but I keep them for the just in case and as the Spirit moves me.

-Extra Small Books of Mormon (or is it Book of Mormons?--- The Best Two Years' Debate), I think in the 1 1/2 years since teaching Primary, I've had 1 or 2 weeks that each of the kids has their scriptures, so it's nice to have extras so everyone can follow along and they are pretty cheap and small. They can be found at the Distribution Center.

-Pocket Kleenex- I know, I know, you're like... kleenex??? Really, as a must have... but without fail each week those boys in the back HAVE to go in the middle of class to blow their nose, get a drink, etc.... and it takes the class a few minutes to get back on track, so at the beginning those that need drinks get them, those that need the bathroom go.... and if they need a tissue I whip one out... like Mary Poppins. It's very handy now especially with the weather changing and nose bleeds as well.

From the readers:
-hand sanitizer
-magnetic tape dispenser

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