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September Sharing Time WK 1

LDS.org September Sharing Time WK 1 - We are blessed when we keep the commandments

Every time I read this lesson, I kept thinking about a Mormon ad where a cockroach is in a cake or some other type of dessert. And I thought wouldn't it be fun to build your own cupcake as you share the commandments that we have been given, that we are blessed when we obey the commandments.
And as we "build" our lives around the gospel and obey the commandments the happier we will be because we have made good choices. And of course where would we be without printables?
I've had these two goodies downloaded for some time now, my son LOVES paper piecing. Both are freebies however this one from Money Saving Mom is not in color, so you'd have to either color them, have your kids color them quickly before church or just leave it.
Or there's this AWESOME one from Vol. 25, this in full color; however, prints out just a bit smaller than other one.
To make it easy, you could also write on the pieces of cupcakes, the "good choices" in obeying the commandments are
And you'll need some bugs of course. (download below) with some of the "bad choices".
Have all the pieces lying face down on a table or up on the board and let kids start picking some out, when a  bug gets picked. Ask the kids how they woudl like to eat a yummy cupcake with bugs in it? Not good, and that's how we feel when we make bad choices we feel bad. But if we are able to partake of the blessings of the good choices and trust in Heavenly Father, we will receive many more blessed and be happy.

Not tickling your fancy? Well then... here's a few more places to check out to make your own lesson:
Jennysmith.net (these are object lessons for keeping the commandments)
The ever amazing Sugardoodle.
Here's an FHE lesson from Deseret Book but could easily be adapted.

Questions? Trouble downloading? Email me at latterdaychatter@yahoo.com

Attention all crafters, scrapbookers, sewers, mommies, and everyone!!! 

Just Simply Christmas

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