Sunday, August 26, 2012

Piquing My Pinterest #7

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You know when you've had a really crummy day, your kids' are sick, a whole pitcher of grape juice tumbles onto the carpet in slow motion, or you had a bad hair day... and someone comes up and knocks on your door, EEK!!! (go away go away goes through your head), the doorbell rings (hurry grab it before the baby wakes) you answer it with purple stain on your shirt and your hair all matted.. and there stands one of your good friends looking perfect but in her hands is a gift for you to cheer you up, and suddenly your day isn't all that bad...
Finds from this week are all about that small gift that can make someone's day, whether it's a get well or a thank you, we've all had them. I know I have!!


1)  Now I want some lemonade, raspberry lemonade! So cheap and easy, Queen Bee has even included a printable with the sayings on them!
Queen Bee and Me

2) 46 little thank you's like: "Thank you, you're one smart cookie! (attached bag of cookies"
The Craft Patch

3) Get well with candy ideas
It Will Change Your Life

4) Wouldn't this be a fun card to get if you were sick as a kid?
5) Little thank you gifts (do you have thank you cards or small gifts stashed in your car for the last minute "thank yous?)
Does anyone know what happened to Tip Junkie? My browers aren't opening anything from that site.

6)The paper looks more Christmas-y but you could totally change the paper for any time of the year! LOVE this idea for cookies, easy and recycled!
A Thousand Words

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