Thursday, August 30, 2012

General Authorities Notebook Tabs

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I saw a similiar idea over on Sugardoodle; however,  (no offense to person who made them) they were uneven and I knew it would drive me crazy so I made my own and I've been using these in my own organizing. I love collecting quotes and these little things are amazing for keeping everything organized. I have the same quote both with the author and with the topic. I also use them when I study the talks afterwards, much like my scripture journals but I guess conference journal. And I thought I'd share them with General Conference around the corner, to get you jump started on ideas for it. I thought that they would be fun for a journal, playing games to learn who's who,  or playing a review game afterwards. And where would we be without choices :) Don't forget I love comments!! :)

There are 2 sets, the minis (2x2) and the large (3x3), either download includes all 15 General Authorities, and 4 choices of what they look like.

Colored with black background-

Black and White with black background-

Colored with white background-

Black and White with white background -

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