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Thursday, August 30, 2012

General Authorities Notebook Tabs

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I saw a similiar idea over on Sugardoodle; however,  (no offense to person who made them) they were uneven and I knew it would drive me crazy so I made my own and I've been using these in my own organizing. I love collecting quotes and these little things are amazing for keeping everything organized. I have the same quote both with the author and with the topic. I also use them when I study the talks afterwards, much like my scripture journals but I guess conference journal. And I thought I'd share them with General Conference around the corner, to get you jump started on ideas for it. I thought that they would be fun for a journal, playing games to learn who's who,  or playing a review game afterwards. And where would we be without choices :) Don't forget I love comments!! :)

There are 2 sets, the minis (2x2) and the large (3x3), either download includes all 15 General Authorities, and 4 choices of what they look like.

Colored with black background-

Black and White with black background-

Colored with white background-

Black and White with white background -

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  1. Can you post how you use these in a notebook?? Or send me an email (herbertsrus @
    on how this is put together. We are getting to actually GO to conference in Utah (10 hour drive one way) and I want to be organized ahead of time :)
    added you to my clipix

  2. I agree. Will you show your books/journals and how you use the tabs. Thanks.

  3. Love these. I would also love to see how you use them. Thank you for taking the time to make these and sharing.

  4. I have done this for my daughter for two years now. She is a YW and doesn't want a little kid packet. She writes notes on each apostle page, what they said, what impressions she had. She then refers back to those thoughts and notes as she reads their talks. Thanks for sharing the photos. I will make another one for her this time.