Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BFF: The Red-Headed Hostess

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Week 2 of our BFFs is upon us!! This week I've decided to feature a gal that is truly inspiring not only in my scripture studying but in many others including her own students. That's right this week is: Shannon at The Red-headed Hostess. She has been so incredibly blessed with the ability to teach about the gospel in such a way that anyone can follow her and what's she's talking about. If you haven't checked out her available printables do so... they include maps for the Book of Alma, how to get the most from your scriptures, starting a scripture journal, and so much more for helping you and your families get the most out of the scriptures and teaching. She even has created scripture journal "outlines" if you will for purchase!!
Go check her out and enjoy!
Normally I will be sharing photos, but I really couldn't share just a few, you must see what she has to truly appreciate the hard work and dedication this gal has to everything she does for her students and for us!
So go for a visit and stroll around!!


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