Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby 72 Hour Kits

This summer with all those fires that sprang up here in Utah, I checked and double checked our kits to make sure we had what we needed. I was amazed at what we were missing. So here's a list for a baby. I'll be doing other ages as well!

-It is suggested to have 1 gallon per day for a person, however we're talking about a baby here. They need more water. Between washing bottles, formula, cereal, keeping the baby clean to avoid illness, it takes water, it's better to make more than you think you'll need then not having enough.

-Diapers, I added cloth diapers, because what happens if you run out of disposable and you can't get to a store or they are closed because of a power outage. A baby's gotta poop whether or not you have a diaper on him.

-I included disposable place mats only because you don't know where you'll be eating. I've seen them at both Walmart and Smith's by baby food and bowls, Target also has them.

-Now I know I put formula, even if you're nursing, pack it... reason... you don't know what will happen.. heaven forbid if something happened to you, the baby's gotta eat. For formula, pack the dry. Some sites say to pack the liquid, but  those need to be refrigerated, I don't know about you but I don't see a working fridge on the corner. You may be out of your home, and to keep that formula safe for your baby it needs to be in the fridge. If you are wanting to carry the liquid purchase the 8 ou bottles, they are sealed and would be safe, they do tend to be more pricey.

-For the bottles, to minimize the water storage needs, using bottle liners would do well only because you can chuck the liner and the bottle is still clean instead of having to wash the bottle each usage. But for those that don't mind don't forget your bottle brush and some dish soap.

-For hand warmers, we have the brand HotHands, and they seem to work well. We take them camping and our 4 year old loves to put them in his sleeping bag. We have 4 in each of our kits.

-You can also ask your pediatrician for samples of formula, lotion, soap, etc. (they're usually pretty generous)

-Small toys: linky toys, taggie blanket, stuffed animal

-Ziploc or Grocery bags will help contain mess. Between dirty diapers and clothes, you'll want them somewhere away from the clean stuff.

-For the picture/info/ and allergies, heaven forbid if something happens and you can't be there to give this information. Include a recent pictures, I'd try and take one a month and update it. Info includes the "driver's license" (birthdate, height, weight, eye color, hair color) info, you could also do any distinguishing marks (birth mark, mole, etc) And any allergies or medical needs they might have. You could put all that on the back of the picture

-Don't forget to double check and rotate wipes, they do dry out. 

Here's a tutorial on making a makeshift carrier just in case  :)

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