Sunday, February 19, 2012

Piquing My Pinterest #6

Last week's Pinterest finds were low in number so I thought this week would have a TON! Enjoy!

Look how cool these puzzles are for the Articles of Faith!!! I think I'll be printing them off as time fillers for my Primary class if we need them!

I know it's a little early for Easter, but look how cute!
Melissa Esplin

An emergency supply list top 100 COOL!
Prepared Not Scared

Freezer Meals
Check out the Facebook link in this post too!! The FB link has a website too! I'm so excited to check this out!
Oven Love

A whole bunch of lunchbox ideas!!! Who needs a lunchbox though!
Easy Lunchboxes

Frozen Slow Cooker Meals!!! LIKE LIKE LIKE!
The Test Kitchen of Melissa Fallis

Family Home Evening Lessons that go with the 2012 Primary theme!!

Pictures and words for ALL the Primary Songs!!! Holy Mackrel that's a lot of work! BUT HOW NEAT!
Jolly Jenn

Look how stinking cute these are! Maybe be a great birthday gift or maybe Visiting Teaching gift :)

Dinner Ideas to take to people :) SWEET!
The Sister's Cafe

Blessing Bags (it has a list of what to put into a baggy to hand to a homeless person) LOVE! I always feel so uncomfortable giving them money.

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