Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hello to Sunday! This week has been crazy with my husband starting school back up and getting schedules down again but hopefully it will be better this week.
I've decided to add something new and fun to the blog, each Sunday I'll be doing: (drum roll insert)

Each Sunday I will be posting my findings of LDS "stuff" that I find awesome and want to share :) If you're not on Pinterest it's a virtual pinboard of all your interests all in one place so no more bookmarking! :)
So to begin:

I loved this quote! And I kind of needed it as it's taking so long for school to be done.

I'm so excited I found this... she's compiled a LONG list of sayings to go with different candies! Which could definately be handy for any organization.
Crafts by Friends
Our Bishop gave us the challenge to read the Book of Mormon by July 1st and I've been looking for ways to help my 3 year old and I think I found some to try.
Mormon Chic

Winter is here! It finally snowed on Saturday here in Utah, and so... I'll be putting together our "winter" car kit. We'll be adding blankets and a change of clothes for both boys (3 year old potty training YIPPEE!) and a pack of diapers and wipes for the baby, but essentially this is the food we'll have for the car. ALL FOR UNDER $20!!! SCORE!!
Sebastian Diaries
My family is a little too young for this but maybe my hubby and I will do it one night! :) Looks really fun

This was inspired by the Redheaded Hostess and she'll be doing more and I'll be keeping a lookout since we're reading the Book of Mormon. And what a great Sunday Box idea!
My Heart Vine
Again, my family is reading the Book of Mormon and I was looking for ways to engage my family and I found this really cool idea (that I actually may make up for you-because I couldn't find a printable) that my 3 year old can't do but my husband and I could and it could be a discussion point :) Anyway LOVE the idea of these scripture journal prompts
Latter-day Homeschooling

Do you want to join in sharing? Leave your blog link with your posting and I'll post it! It'd be like a blog hop!

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