Sunday, January 15, 2012

Piquing My Pinterest #2

I found a TON of stuff this week and let's just say I'm really excited about starting some of these projects and I'm so glad that my son's at preschool for a couple hours so I can do some of these!! :)


I've been in an organizing mood lately and what a great thing to do for kids! LOVE LOVE... a life story binder - she has a great printable too for ideas to put in the binder
All Things Simple

I had to share this, how cool is this!!! Store 100 gallons of water for $20 in an emergency. Added to emergency supply list CHECK!
Survival Cache

I was asked a long time ago for some ideas for Relief Society activity ideas and I couldn't think of really anything, but lucky for you gals Pinterest is here!! Here's a TON of ideas for Relief Society activities that look really fun!
I Never Grew Up

Remember how my ward was challenged to read The Book of Mormon by July 1st well I found a really cute idea for my little guy to get more out of it! (Could easily make them yourself- okay maybe not easily)

What a neat idea for the new Sunbeams!!! "Sit on your egg and keep it warm-to get a baby chick" LOVE
I Sing U Sing

This gal offers a free online class for cooking and baking with your food storage (HELLO BEAUTIFUL!!)
Everyday Food Storage
I love this picture of President Monson, I think it captures everything he is. The photographer was amazing to catch this split second moment and I'm grateful they did!
Cinnaberry Suite

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