Monday, December 5, 2011

Reader Cards

I have some exciting news!!! I have now been called as the 9-10 year old teacher in Primary!!! YIPPEE!! I"m in PRIMARY!! I'm just so excited and yesterday was my second time teaching these kids and I noticed that we spend a lot of time looking up the scriptures that we are reading instead of actually reading. So to make my life easier, I made up some scripture reader cards to hand out. I'm going to laminate them for durability and then just use a dry erase marker (or crayon) to write the scripture down then collect them at the end of class. And of course, I'm going to share the spoils :) Hope you find them useful!
All the cards are 3x5. There's a sheet of all 4 or you can download them individually in case one gets destroyed or misplaced.

Questions? Trouble downloading? Email me at Photobucket
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