Sunday, November 27, 2011

2012 Sharing Time Cards

I've come up with a way to expand on the weekly sharing time cards and I hope that you guys will love it as much as I love it. So the basic idea is to give each child a big ring at the beginning of the year and each week they will get the new sharing time card (with a hole punched in it) to add to their booklet. So let's just begin... please let me know if there's something confusing or not right as I hope this will be a big part of next year for the Primary.

These are the covers for the booklet:
There's a front and a back, both are sized at 4x4.5 to be just slightly bigger than the "inside" ,I would recommend laminating these as they will more than likely get beat up for the whole year.


Then on the inside for each month there will be a introduction if you will, sized at 3.5x4, each month will be color coordinated (all the Januarys will have blue border, Februarys-red, etc) so just in case they fall off the ring they will easily be able to prevent the crying and an easy put back together:

Then just before the Weekly Sharing Time Cards, put the words the monthly song so they can know what the words are and read them (younger kids may be harder, but I"m sure parents would help them)

Then after these then you'll put the weekly sharing time cards to hand out each week :)
So please comment as this will be a lot of work and I will only pursue if people would actually use them. Thanks!!

Check everything out for Primary 2012!!

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