Friday, September 9, 2011

September Sharing Time Cards-wk 2

Me again! :) Here's weeks 2 Sharing time cards. Again I'll try and get the rest of the month's out sooner but no promises. My little newborn enjoys night time being awake time so sleep I don't get. He's turns 1 month old on Sunday!!! That flew by fast!
Does anyone have the 2012 Primary outline yet? If so, could you be a doll and email me a copy of it or comment with the link for it so I can get started on it. THANKS!

Week 3 Sharing Time Cards
And if you haven't seen yet, I've started a new blog to catalog all the activities and crafts I would like to do/have done with my son. I've also added a monthly activities page, an any day activities page and an FHE activities page, so go check it out and follow me if you want, it's called Frogs in my Pockets hope to see you there!!

**Please remember that this is my work. Do not share with others by giving links. Rather give the blog link, for others to enjoy. Thanks! Questions? Trouble downloading? Email me at Photobucket
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