Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nauvoo Store

Good morning to you all! A while ago I was asked by the Nauvoo Store to do a review for one of their products. I jumped at the chance and I'm so glad I did!
My package arrived and I was just tickled pink to get my new journal, if I wasn't going to keep it it would have made a beautiful gift for someone else. It has a soft leather texture to it and I'm sure a herd of elephants could run over it and it wouldn't fall apart. The one that I got is a smaller size so it fits perfectly into my purse or the diaper bag. Some days I must admit, it becomes more of a note taking book than a journal but hey to each his own right. There is one thing that would have made it a little better and that lines on the pages, which isn't a huge deal but I hate how as I write it starts going up the page or down the page but other than that it's a beautiful piece that will withstand the ages and not fall apart, like I said elephants could stomp on it and it wouldn't fall apart.
Now, the Nauvoo Store does have more than just journals, some of my favorites are the puzzles (my grandma LOVES puzzles), the Young Women charms, and their temple prints. It seems that more of their products are more vintage and rustic but you can see the quality. And with Christmas coming around the corner, I'm thinking of a puzzle for my grandma or maybe a journal, and for a family gift a temple print, they don't have the Ogden but it's what the temple represents right?
So go and check out the Nauvoo Store and let them know that I sent you over so that maybe they'll do a giveaway for you all! (wink wink)


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