Sunday, September 25, 2011

Conference Helps and Linky Party!!

General Conference is just a short week away and I'm just so excited for it's arrival! So in preparation I thought I would compile a list of ideas that are around the internet and on Latter-day Chatter to help you listen by helping your kiddos listen :) I'll be posting new ideas as I find them or think of them! Link up to the party below!! 

Activity Ideas from Latter-day Chatter
General Conference Packets (all ages available)
Dot-to-Dot Activities
General Conference Ideas from Mormon Momma
Conference Wall (I love this idea, I saw this last year and it worked wonderfully!! For my little guy and for me!!)
Tent toward the Temple - you could use an actual tent or build a fort using blankets, sheets, chairs, etc
From Pinterest:
Conference Listening Kit (PERFECT for VT gals!)
Conference Baggies(an activity or snack for each speaker LOVE)
        Some ideas:
        -watercolors- have the kids paint a pictures of what the speaker is talking about
        -puzzles - go to the distribution center and get a Gospel Art Book and turn some pages into puzzles!! :)
Conference Treat Buckets (gets some exercise and listening!! LOVE!) You could easily do this with anything - pennies, marbles, cherrios, dinosaurs, beans, etc
Love her "don't open until.." idea and the stick and glue bingo!

Ideas for Gift Baskets:
-small cans of pringles
-small notebook
-activity packets for sisters that have children
-a sponge with saying "soak it all in!"
-put everything into a waste basket with a saying like "don't let one minute of Conference go to waste" (Pinterest)
-air popped popcorn YUM!!
-juice boxes or the person's favorite drink
-paper dolls (Red Headed Hostess and some AWESOME Book of Mormon ones)

In-between Conference Ideas:
- go to the park and have a picnic
- have a marshmallow fight in your yard to get all the wiggles out
- have a fishing game to review what each speaker was about (printable to come this week!!! :)
-make some cookies to take to someone in your neighborhood

We're going to test this whole "link party" thing, please link up if you have an idea or have found an idea that you can't live without for General Conference. Link backs would be AWESOME!! Thanks!!

**Please remember that this is my work. Do not share with others by giving links. Rather give the blog link, for others to enjoy. Thanks! Questions? Trouble downloading? Email me at
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