Monday, June 27, 2011

Service is Sweet (Chutes and Ladders)

After working on the lesson for Primary 7, I thought a little game would be fun. So I whipped one up. I think that it could also be used for a FHE lesson or something. (Please don't forget that it was meant as a portion of a Primary lesson)

Use a die to see where you land.
You could also make up more "service" ideas to pose to the kids if you have more than a few and you play it more than once.
There's aren't markers for this, but you could use lots of different things.
 - different colored buttons
 - colors little pinto beans or something
 - use markers from a different game (Trouble, Monopoly, etc)

Need a refresher on how to play "Chutes and Ladders"? Go HERE for instructions.


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