Saturday, June 25, 2011

LDS Stick Puzzles

Hi guys, I'm busy with Mod Podge and my Photoshop, making up some new stuff for our church bag and I wanted to share. So without further ado. I ran across a dinosaur stick puzzle and I thought how fun that would be but for our church bag (always looking for goodies for that bag) and so I whipped up some following her directions. So go over there and follow the directions and take your pick of which of these downloads you want :) (I'm thinking of doing more, please comment if you're interested in more)
Sorry you don't get any pictures of mine, not a project photo taker.
But coming from the trenches, here's some tips to add:
~ only do one coat of mod podge at a time so the colors don't smear
~ for these ones they are sized at 3.5x 5.5 so you'll need 15 sticks
~ wait about an hour or so before you cut so you don't cut the paper too
~ when you're ready to cut, turn them to the popsicle stick side so you know where you're cutting

Here's the dinosaur one. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! Don't forget to go to her blog for the instructions :)

Here's the goods!!
Oh also on these you'll notice little gray lines on each (these are the lines to cut along to make them the right size :)

**Please remember that each download, I've created. I've put thought and time into each, please don't take them and claim as your own. It's just not nice. Thanks!!!**

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