Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am a Child of God Reminders

Would you want them to be customized?
Sizes: 5x5- 1 for 2.50 or 2 for 3.50
         8x8-1 for 4.00 or 2 for 6.50
         10x10- 1 for 6.50 or 2 for 9.00
         12x12- 1 for 10.00 or 2 for 12.00
Would you want more than 2? More you buy more you save!!
Remember that all donations stay with the blog for digital kits and maintaining the 4shared. Thanks!!
Send me an email with:
Your kids' names and a few of their favorite things (ex: dogs, cats, dinosaurs, cars, ballet, etc) and the size you would like :)

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