Monday, June 13, 2011

Bows by Audra Giveaway!!

What better way to start off a week of summer than with a fun little giveaway???
First off, thank you so much to Audra for doing the giveaway!!!
There are plenty of little places to check this gal out and her prices can't be beat, seriously I've looked :) I just bought 2 ties from her just this weekend for my little boy.
The giveaway is for a $15 gift card for anything in her shop, she has cute little hair bows for girls (didn't look at those, but I'm sure they are darling!!) and bowties and neck ties for boy. So there's something for everyone to try and win!!
Check out what fabrics she has available HERE.
Check out the ties and bowties she has available HERE
Check out the bows for your princesses HERE on her blog.
OH OH and check out everything else that she makes HERE. I found tutus!!! (Reminder to Jess: You don't have any girls ;)

Here's how to enter:
Must do:
1)Be a fan or follower of Latter-day Chatter (scroll down to do either)
2)Be a fan of Bows by Audra

Can do:
3) What's your kids' favorite things to do on Sundays?
4) What's your favorite calling in Church?
5) What's a favorite LDS blog/website other than Latter-day Chatter and Sugardoodle (LOVE MELANIE!!)?


Oh and she also will have a very special treat for you all after the giveaway is done!! :)

And for all you Facebook fans, be on the lookout for a special entry!!


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