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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Cake

You know those days when you should be getting started on laundry or dishes or cleaning up your craft room, but you just don't want to, so you spend time on Pinterest and you're stuck!!! Well that's me!! They should seriously start a Pinterest's Anonymous!! Here's a little something I found today and I wanted to share, it would make a perfect little gift idea for practically anyone. You could do it for your Visiting Teaching sisters, the young women, or even activity days and I'm sure boys would a love it too without the girlie papers :)  Just fill it up with a bunch of goodies and there you have it!!
Go HERE for the free pattern and from another blog for the easiest instructions: just print the largest size cake slice (bottom slice) onto the back of your pattern paper, and then cut and score and fill.

Endless possibilities with this!!