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Friday, August 20, 2010

Relief Society Idea for Birthdays or Gifts

If you haven't seen yet, the winner of the LDS quietbook was Nancy Peterson!! Congrats!

Are you excited for the weekend to be here? I AM, even though I am taking some overtime on Saturday.
Here's an idea that I thought of today while I was a work of just something simple and easy for a great for your RS sisters to have or for new sisters coming into the ward as a "welcome", or maybe even for you Visiting Teachers for your sisters birthday FUN RIGHT!
Now the way I thought of it, was to be able to put on a window or a mirror so that they would see it or just a reminder that they are loved, so I thought why not a window decal, well guess what! You don't have to go have it custom made and it cost a fortune, you can print it off by yourself and do whatever you want! How you ask well, the Avery company sells the sheets for you to print them, I haven't seen them in stores so you'd have to purchase them from the company. Now the size of the wordart is 4x4 and the pkg from Avery has 3 sheets so you could print off about 12 for abt $8 and be able to put them on cars or windows or mirrors COOL right. Click HERE to check the sheets out.
And here is the DARLING wordart for your ladies!


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  1. Jess, thanks for this sweet gift idea!! I love the cute lil' sisters and the tips about how to make it into a window cling is great! You're the best ♥Ü♥

  2. Wonderful gift ideas..............

  3. Jess, Thanks for all you do! All is wonderful here.
    Are you working in something for RS Celebration or/and the Woman's Day?
    Love, Didi

  4. I love this idea and would like to use it for our RS. The link for getting to the correct sheets to use seems to be broken, so I was wondering if you could tell me the name or item number of the product I should purchase from Avery for this project.

    Thanks for all you do!