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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Deed Coupon: Pick a Movie

I was thinking of some ways to promote service and kindness with one another in a family and this is what I came up with. COUPONS, that can be redeemed for good behavior, service, or kindness at your discretion. I thought that you just print off a bunch and then when you see a child do something that you want your children to do that you reward them. I have a page full of ideas for different coupons. If you can think of any, leave a comment! I'm also going to be making some for spouses so be on the look out!
Please leave a comment if you like these, there's no point in making them if no one wants them :)


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  1. these are awesome! My daughter would love love love them! She is always begging me to watch a movie with her. what are your other coupons? My boys are usually just satisfied with a pack of gum. But I guess things like walks and special me time would be appreciated. Well, probably just gum.
    So cute!

  2. We often like to reward them with game or puzzle time. Not that we give them a new game or puzzle, but that we sit down with them and play a board game, card game, or do a puzzle together. A snack is usually a part of the deal too! ;) -Don't know if that's "coupon-able" though. You're ideas are always great, so no worries about this one!

  3. I love them, I am going to print them off.

  4. I love this idea!! I will be using them :) Thanks so much for all the time you put into your blog!