Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seminary: Autograph Bingo

Tiffany O. requested some games for seminary in the fall to help her get to know her students and for her students to get to know each other so here's the first of a few games on the line up for you Tiffany!
Now the card I made is for a class of about 24 or more so if you have a smaller class let me know and I'll make cards for your size.
How to play:
Everyone needs a pen or pencil for this so just in case bring some extras to pass around. Each person can only sign each paper once. And the kids go around asking the questions that they need to get for a BINGO (up, down, diagonally). To also have a get to know you, and if you have time, you can also have the kids expound on what they signed for example, giving the colors of the rainbow in order, etc.
For a prize, maybe doughnuts if you have a morning seminary, or during the school day you could do candy bars or something like that.
Have fun! Any questions or suggestions for games for big groups email me! (you can find my contact info on the top bar of the blog)

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