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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Revelation in Our Daily Lives [YW Man 2, #24]

Sorry to the ladies that asked for this and I'm just now posting it. But bare with me as I'm figuring out the summer working and the blog thing. I have another set of bad news which may also put me in slow mode. I had a miscarriage this week, so on top of the other family issue, we added this. I am very sad from losing the baby and I'm trying to get through it the best I can (A TON OF PRAYER) and I hope to really be back in action by the end of summer. Thank you so much for all of your love and concern for me and my family during this hard time, you have truly buoyed me up, both to continue serving you and my family.
Here's the 24th lesson for the YW Manual 2. Sorry again ladies if I'm too late!


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  1. I had looked for this lesson handout earlier this evening, before it posted, and was disappointed that it wasn't here. "For some reason" I decided to check back again...still looking for a handout on "revelation"...and here it is! ; ) Thank you for being so generous with your talents even during this difficult time. Your efforts are appreciated and I pray that you will have the strength you need to get through these trials.

  2. Thank you doing this handout. You are wonderful. Trials and difficulties are hard to go through. That is what this life is all about. We have to help each and strengthen each other as we go along. Good luck and may the Lord continue to watch over and bless you.