Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Was Not There

I Was Not There
Kristy Money
I will admit I was not there
When Moses led them free.
I did not smell the salty air
While crossing the Red Sea.

I did not weep at Jesus' feet.
Not one tear did I shed
on Calvary's hill, nor did I see
My Savior's thorn-crowned head.

I did not wave the battle flag
Nor wield a Nephite sword
To fight for ancient liberty
With Moroni in Cumorah's war.

When wagons creaked and children slept
Upon the dirt and snow,
To die to reach their Zion land,
No handcar did I tow.

And yet, we have a Father who
Provided us a way
Through faith, desire, and humble prayer
To see all truths this day.

We need not have been there, my friend.
No eyewitness then need we have.
Through the still, small voice's whisperings,
Our faith in these shall live
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