Thursday, April 8, 2010

Old Testament Books Memory Cards

Hi guys, sorry for my absence it has been a crazy couple of days. The renovation for my bathrooms is being pushed back until Saturday so yippee for that. And I've been like a chicken with its head cut off with getting everything ready to go back to school the beginning of May (I'm planning on majoring in graphic design- so I'm thinking that you will be my guinea pigs for my projects! I'll be taking 12.5 credit hours for summer a couple generals (blast those transfers) and a few classes for my major.
So today I have for you the Old Testament books to help your kiddos memorize the books of the Old Testament (I think there's a song too, I keep singing it when I think of the Old Testament). I've made BOM ones too so find those in the labels.
I would suggest laminating these so there are destroyed when they come off the printer!

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