Tuesday, April 6, 2010

He Passed Beneath All Things

Hello, sorry for my absence you guys! With Easter and spending time with family all weekend I've just been really tired and didn't have any juices flowing. How was Conference for everyone? Lot of "parent" talks I'm excited to study them again and pick them apart to help me, since my son didn't come with a manual.
Today's posts will probably be the last for a few days, our bathrooms are going to be ripped apart, pipes replaced, new fixtures, the works, so we're going to be staying at the in-laws tomorrow until probably Monday, I'll try and post on occasion, but don't expect any. So today I'm cranking out, lesson helps and extra tidbits.

This quote is from the talk given by President Monson during the Sunday morning session.
If you want to watch his talk, click HERE (click on the Sunday AM, then scroll to his talk)
- Text of the conference talks will be available on Thursday.
When I heard him say that, I literally jumped from the couch and grabbed the first piece of paper. So here it is.

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