Saturday, April 17, 2010

April VT Message- Personal Revelation

Hello to all! I'm back and ready to use my Photoshop and get back to giving stuff to you all! My bathroom is almost complete all that's left is the drywall, and the stuff to go around the bathtub (I'll take pictures when it's all done) but for now it is usable and we moved back in today. We also had a ward party tonight. It was fun with only the few people that came (if you are in my ward and reading this and came thank you so much for your support!) There was an egg toss and bean bag toss, a little potting activity, dinner and dessert (which was a kick!-dirt cups!)
So for my first "I'm back" project is the April Visiting Teaching handout. I completely spaced oops! Thanks for you patience!

My father-in-law is letting me borrow this book, and surprisingly it goes right along with this month's VT message (I borrowed the book a few days ago and only today looked at the message) COOL. The quote for the handout is actually found in this book. I'm only a little bit into it but it is a great resource and thought-provoking book.

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